Fastpass+, Shades of Green, and getting 60 days advanced reservations

Fastpass+, Shades of Green, and getting 60 days advanced reservations

I read a great tip on about how to get 60 days advanced Fastpass+ reservations if you’re a guest at Shades of Green.

Fastpass+ is a new computerized system to get you to the front of the long lines at Disney World attractions. In the past, you had to go to each attraction to get your FP. Now, Resort Guests and everyone else can schedule their selected FPs via computers or smart phones 60 and 30 days in advance, respectively.

The benefit of being a Resort Guest is being able to reserve a FP 60 days out and ensure you get your FP before they run out – which IS a possibility since there are only so many FPs available.

One of the DOWNSIDES to staying at Shades of Green is that when it comes to FP+s, you are not considered a Resort Guest and can only reserve your FP+s 30 days in advance like everyone else.

Which brings me to my picture. If you stay at a Disney Resort for even 1 night (with GREAT Military Discounts on them, too), you can reserve your FP+s 60 days in advance.

Additional Bonus: You will receive complimentary Fastpass+ bracelets that link to your tickets, room, pictures, and FP, etc. Those retail at around $13 each if you buy them from Disney. My family of 5 would spend $65 on the bracelets alone. Take that off the room rate, and it’s really affordable.

For our family of 5, with less than 2 months to go, and sticking to our budget, we reserved Port Orleans Riverside (sleeps 5), adding it to the end of our stay at SoG, for $152 a night including our Military Discount. Take off the $65 I WOULD have spent on those bracelets, and we’re staying there for $87. (Lol, hey, it sounds good to me!) AND PLUS, I’ve NEVER stayed at a Disney Resort other than SoG. I’m VERY excited to see POR, swim in its pools, and enjoy it to the fullest! (The day we switch resorts won’t be a park day anyway, so it’ll be all about POR.)

And so today, as soon as I read this great tip, I bought our tickets, reserved a night at POR, and set out to make our FP+ reservations. I got every one I wanted! Rides like Splash Mountain and Space Mountain, Tower of Terror and Rock N Rollercoaster, and Soarin… I felt like I was in the parks going to each ride! It was bliss!  Sometimes I think planning a vacation is the best part! ❤


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